holly’s mission

Holly’s mission is simple: Healthcare for all. Equality for all. An economy that works for all. It's time for a new generation of leadership that's focused on the needs of New Yorkers.


Holly believes that healthcare for all is a basic human right. In the richest country in the world, there is no reason we can’t make it happen. Every day, families across the county are faced with deciding between paying for lifesaving medical care and putting food on the table. In Congress, Holly will work every day to make sure no American has to make that choice. It’s time to rise up and fight for Medicare for All in America.

Green Infrastructure

Smart investment in Green Infrastructure is critical to our future. Infrastructure is the physical foundation of our society – and it’s crumbling. Holly believes in making significant investment to protect our air, water, and electrical grid, and replacing antiquated polluting forms of energy with clean, renewable energy. It’s time to rise up for Green Infrastructure.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our Criminal Justice System is broken. The draconian, ill-conceived war on drugs has disproportionately impacted people of color. The federal prohibition of marijuana has caused more harm to lives than the drug it bans. Holly will address this crisis through a comprehensive plan that protects the rights of all Americans by demilitarizing the police, legalizing marijuana, and expanding due process protections. It’s time for a hand up for those who have been held down by centuries of injustice. It’s time to rise up for criminal justice reform.

Immigration Reform

America is a nation of immigrants. The Statue of Liberty stands as a beacon of hope in New York Harbor. Instead of extending a helping hand to those who seek freedom in America, politicians in Washington have used immigration as a wedge to sow discord and division. It’s time to live up to our founding values. We don't need walls or cages, we need to rise up for comprehensive immigration reform.

Climate Change

The science is clear: climate change is real and the threat it poses to our society is severe. Holly believes in taking decisive action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, protect our water supply, and ensure coastal communities like Manhattan are protected from ever rising sea levels. That’s why Holly supports the Green New Deal. It’s time to rise up to protect our planet.

Equal Rights

Equal rights in America are under assault. The current administration wants to take us back to the 1950’s. We can’t let that happen. Women, minorities, and all Americans deserve equal treatment under the law, without exception. It’s time to stand up to Republicans who want to take us backwards and rise up for equal rights.

Reproductive Rights

The government has no place legislating personal health choices. Holly will fight tooth and nail to make sure women have access and freedom to make their own reproductive choices. We can not allow more states to ban abortions and follow Missouri's path. Access to safe, legal abortions and family planning clinics should not be on the table in any US state. It’s time to rise up for reproductive rights.  

Gender Equity

Women are still only paid 78 cents on the dollar relative to men. That disparity isn’t only unfair, it holds back families and hurts the economy. In Congress, Holly will work to enact legislation to eliminate the wage gap, protect victims of domestic violence and ensure every worker has access to paid family leave. More than just putting a dent on the glass ceiling needs to be done and it's time to rise up so that women have a seat at all the tables.

LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQIA+ Americans are subjected to discrimination in virtually every aspect of life. From bullying in schools, to employment discrimination to exclusion from the military, members the LGBTQIA+ community are treated like second class citizens. We need representatives in Washington who will fight to protect these rights and ensure that no one is vulnerable because of who they love. It’s time to rise up to protect LGBTQIA+ rights.

Housing Fairness

New York’s diversity is part of what makes our city such a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Soaring housing costs have pushed out too many New Yorkers and it's making our city an enclave for the rich. We can’t let that happen. If middle and working class New Yorkers are priced out, we will lose part of the soul of our city and the cornerstone of our economy. We need progressive policies to ensure every New Yorker has access to quality housing.


New York is a world-class city that deserves exceptional public transportation. If you depend on NYC's subway system or buses, you know how far from exceptional the service is. And we fail terribly when it comes to abiding by the Americans Disability Act by limiting access for those that require assistance. Critical investment in our public transit system is long overdue. In Congress, I’ll fight to make sure New York City gets the federal funding we deserve to fix our subway and public transit systems.