Meet holly

First and foremost, Holly is a New Yorker. She grew up on the Upper West Side, like her parents before her. She is also a two-time cancer survivor and a rights advocate.

Holly’s love of New York City’s diversity, inclusiveness, and generous spirit are engrained in her DNA. She learned the importance of community and activism from parents who fought to preserve their neighborhood and Central Park. She’s been knocking on doors and handing out flyers since she was six years old.

Holly is a Harvard graduate and a champion for human rights and the environment. While at Harvard, Holly initiated and lead the Environmental Action Committee aimed at measuring and incentivizing environmental stewardship on campus. Today, the Sierra Club puts Harvard among the top in the world for its innovative and effective means of reducing its global carbon footprint.

After college, Holly served as a brand strategist, leading communication for social justice-oriented brands and initiatives. She is also a start-up mentor, supporter to the Ali Forney Center and the Doe Fund. She is an Aspen Institute fellow.

Holly continues to serve the Central Park Conservancy and the preservation of historical landmarks and districts to help prevent real estate developers from devastating our landscape for profit. Central Park has always served as Holly’s oasis and like many New Yorkers, our city’s parks are a needed escape.

Having survived cancer twice, she knows first-hand that healthcare is a human right and not a privilege. Without the ability to fight for proper healthcare, Holly would not be here to tell the story of our failing healthcare - this is why Medicare for All is one of Holly’s top priorities .The health insurance industry spent $150 billion dollars in 2018 in lobbying to protect their monopolies and its time we put people before profits.

As an advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community, she understands the dangers presented by the current administration. Holly knows that our system disproportionately affects the most marginalized members of our society and keeps them in unconscionable conditions. She lends her voice for those who have been held down by centuries of injustice. 

Our fragile environment and the dangers that climate change presents to our country are not lost on Holly. Ignoring the inevitable in the name of corporate greed will not keep our shores from washing away. The same shores that harbor Lady Liberty and her promise of a fair and just future for all immigrants. New York has a rich history of welcoming people from around the world to live and work and Holly will fight to make sure that promise isn’t broken in Washington DC.

Our collective future is in the hands of our children and Holly will fight for equal education, regardless of race, religion or socioeconomics. The same need for rights applies to jobs, the economy and our dwindling middle-class. There must be equal opportunity for all.

Holly is running to defend and represent the rights and interest of New York’s 10th Congressional District in Washington DC and to reverse policies that have created inequality.