About Holly

Holly is a second-generation native of New York’s West Side and a Harvard graduate. Her career as an award-winning strategic planning, advertising, and brand-communications leader has spanned more than 15 years during which she led communications for social-justice-oriented brands and initiatives, such as: the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Self-Esteem Fund, Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, Toyota’s Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive, Harvard University, MIT, Volvo, and many more. In addition, Holly has been a consultant for Procter & Gamble on how to innovate and promote healthier, more sustainable product lines for future generations. Her company, The 85-Percent, was founded in 2010 to focus specifically on advancing women as consumers, founders, and institutional leaders. She’s also an angel investor, start-up mentor, Organizing for Action fellow and Aspen Institute fellow.

After three years and two rounds battling and surviving “incurable” cancer and the onerous health-care system, Holly is now shifting her years of strategic communications and business leadership toward a 2020 congressional run in New York’s 10th District.

In her spare time, Holly sits on the board of numerous New York-based foundations and committees that ensure a more economically viable and environmentally secure future for women, minorities, immigrants, and disenfranchised youth in New York City and the United States.